Inspired by timeless recipes passed down from generation to generation, Empress Porridge aims to bring traditional Chinese food back into the spotlight. We are constantly trying our best to provide all our customers with great dining experiences which has resulted in our constantly changing menu, created weekly by the Empress herself!

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Empress Porridge is a family run business with big dreams of sharing the food we love with everyone! A family of foodies, we firmly believe that communities are built around warm bellies and full hearts. Because of this, we strive to provide the same service that we would to our family members. Regardless if its your first time visiting or if you're here everyday, connect with us when you visit or give us a shoutout if you love our food!


 Nothing would make us happier!

At the heart of our menu, we have our Empress Porridge. Empress porridge is an old school TeoChew recipe passed down our family line. This has  been an all time favourite since its creation. Whenever we feel we have too much 'rich' food during the week we will always turn to this porridge for a light yet wholesome meal. 

Since then, we have tweaked the porridge to include brown rice for a healthier version. As for ingredients there's dried seafood including scallops and dried shrimps which gives a natural sweetness. Peanuts are also included for a subtle texture.