About Us

Empress Kitchen Tingkat started with Mrs. Goh Swee Hong's love for her family, and the many delicious ways she could express it in everyday cooking. Whether it's a taste of home in traditional comfort food recipes, or a celebratory dish for special occasions, we believe that good food is what brings families together.

Our Tingkat service aims to make each dinner an experience to be shared with family, with dinners that are varied in cuisines, rich in flavor, and nourishing to the body. With a healthy mix of traditional Chinese meals, local favorites, and exciting Japanese, Korean or Western fare, we make sure that deciding 'What's for dinner?' is never difficult, and never boring.

Further, at Empress Kitchen we know that your meals might need a personal touch, and we are happy to provide a wide range of customizations to your liking. Ask for softer vegetables for better ease of eating for the elderly, or for our special kid's meals to add an extra delight for your young ones, and we'll be happy to accommodate.

Here at Empress Kitchen, we believe that Good Food Comes From The Heart.